Bolton by Bowland Councillors



Catherine Curry

Catherine has lived in and around Bolton by Bowland for over 30 years. She is an active member of the community and involved with many of the organisations. She has been and is involved in numerous fundraisers, to help local organisations continue and thrive.  She is passionate about the continuation of an active and interesting village life and very focused on the village going forward and embracing new ideas.

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Roger Park

Roger has lived in Bolton by Bowland for 34 years. He has been chair of the Village Hall Committee and currently chair of Bolton by Bowland War Memorial Committee. A Governor at Bowland High School, the bulk of his working life was as a lecturer at Nelson and Colne College. He has owned a number of businesses in the past and is currently a director of two companies.

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Lynda Holt

Lynda moved here from Summerseat, Bury when she married her husband David in 1985.  They have three daughters Eleanor, Sarah and Grace, who all attended Bolton by Bowland Primary School.  Lynda and David have recently become grandparents.  After Lynda moved into Bolton by Bowland she worked as a Training Organiser for the Agricultural Training Board for 4 years and since then has farmed with her husband.

Lynda has been involved with many organisations within the village over the years and enjoys being a part of village life. 

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Geoff Curry

Very sadly, Geoff passed away peacefully, at home on 20th August 2020. He was a staunch supporter of Bolton by Bowland and the wider Parish & will be much missed. Our sincere condolences are sent to Geoff's wife, Catherine and the family.

His contact details have therefore been removed from this site.

May You Rest In Peace, Geoff.


Due to the recent death of Cllr. G. Curry, there is a Casual Vacancy for a Member of Bolton by Bowland Ward of the Parish Council. Ribble Valley Borough Council has received a Valid Request for an Election to fill the Casual Vacancy.The Election will not take place (due to Covid) until May 2021.The Notice can be seen in the Documents Section and for any enquiries regarding the Vacancy, please  contact Parish Clerk    Tel ; 01200 422607


Derek Glover

Derek and his wife Janet have lived in Bolton By Bowland since 1996.  They are very much involved with the community.  Their three children attended the village school and they have been members of the Young Farmers Association.  Derek is a professionally qualified engineer and was formally a director of fabrication businesses.  He has for several years managed his own consultancy company.  Derek and his family love this village and he now wishes to devote his time to giving back something to ‘this amazing community’ that has provided a perfect environment to raise his family.  With no personal agenda, he wants to represent the needs of the people of this parish and to serve them.

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Diane Susan Whittaker


Susan lives in Bolton by Bowland with her husband.  A retired state registered nurse, she has worked for 39 years within hospital environments.  She has also worked periodically at the Pendleside Hospice and other voluntary organisations providing support.  Susan believes that her knowledge and skills acquired through her professional life will enable her to help the local community as a Parish Councillor, particularly through her ability to listen and understand their needs and concerns.

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 Keith Whitwell


Keith has farmed all his life first at Pendleton before moving to Tewitt Hall Farm with his wife Susan and their four children. Last year they moved into the village. 


He has been involved with a number of organisations within the village and  considers himself to be fortunate to have  been elected onto the Parish Council. He has  always been a keen supporter of village life and is hoping to serve all the Parish's in any way he can. 

‘I will always be available if anyone wishes to discuss any issues’.

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