Road Safety Meeting


                         Bolton By Bowland, Gisburn Forrest and Sawley Parish Council


              Click HERE to see  DETAILED NOTES FROM ROAD SAFETY MEETING ON 17/11/2017



Problems concerning all villages:

  • Speeding         Could more calming measures be put in place e.g. SPIDS
  •                          Lower speed limits strongly called for
  •                          Road markings are very poor
  •                          Signage could be a lot better highlighting dangers
  •                          Motorbikes drive far too fast on narrow lanes
  • Cyclists are not considerate to motorists; travel in bunches so passing is difficult
  • No street lighting
  • No footpaths
  • Large wagons causing problems
  • Much larger tractors and farm vehicles
  • Potholes and poor road surfaces


  • No lighting at the Sawley junction of the A59
  • Start dual carriageway on A59 after Sawley junction to make exiting safer
  • Speed limits on wrong side of Sawley Bridge

Bolton by Bowland

  • Parking has become a problem - larger car park is required
  • Drivers not adhering to 20 mile zone when school starts and finishes
  • Flooding – see notes for problem areas
  • Poor road repairs – Anna Lane & Settle Road, see notes for further details
  • Narrow roads due to vegetation encroaching on the highways
  • Lack of gritting on Hellifield Road


  • Problems with the narrow lane from Copy Nook to Holden really only single-track, requires some signage for motorists.

Actions for Parish Council

  • Individuals can report potholes and highway issues on the website this is also on the Parish website
  • To invite an Assessor from the L.C.C. to review the problems & offer solutions
  • Contact L.C.C. re gritting on Hellifield Road
  • To consider additional car parking area in Bolton by Bowland
  • Tractors/large vehicles – a letter highlighting problems to be sent out to businesses in our areas
  • Vegetation encroaching on the highways
  • L.C.C. to report back on our concerns and discuss them with colleagues